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Accessible system

Totem intéractif

The interactive L'Aura des villes totem displays your messages and spotlights your digital marketing: online site, picture, video, social network …

This dynamic display system is a communication and marketing tool.

It is the answer for your need of communication inside your structure and creates a user experience between you and the public.

Aura des Villes système Android

Our interactive devices run with android.

It makes it easier to develop custom applications in order to answer your needs (games, catalogs, texts, films, slideshows, multimedia content...).

our technical approach results from smartphone technology.

Aura des Villes système Android

We chose Android for all our L'Aura des Villes® products for the following reasons :

  • Android systems give access to web apps and interfaces
  • Android automatically initiates software updates
  • Android is widely used and spread across the public through smartphones, which makes it familiar and easy to handle for all age ranges and socio-professional categories.